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Melissa at Taconi Side Farm

How Do You Say It?


What's In a Name?

Taconi Side Farm was the name of my grandparents' farm in Lagrangeville, NY, situated alongside the Taconic State Parkway. Growing up, I always referred to it simply as "Taconi" without giving much thought to its name. However, as I got older, I discovered the fascinating story behind its unique moniker.

Originally named Taconic Side Farm due to its proximity to the parkway, one of my uncles removed the letter 'c' while serving in the military, taking it as a reminder of home. Surprisingly, my grandfather never replaced the missing letter, and from that point forward, the farm became known as Taconi Side Farm.

Though the farm no longer exists and my grandparents have since passed on, the legacy of Taconi lives on through its enduring name.

- Melissa